Web Design Project Process

Starting your project with us is simple and transparent. You will be able to monitor the process and see your website grow while we give it shape.

Our process is simple and most of all, effective! To pinpoint the web design accurately, we implement an agile system that allows us to gather information, design, and develop in a matter that clients will be able to understand the website or business solution as it grows. The process involves the client's input and feedback to ensure we are delivering the designs according to the business rules and demands.

The web design and development takes shape in a dedicated test server. This allows us to design without causing any interruptions to the current website the client may have in place. Startup clients without a website will follow the same process so that their end users do not land accidentally on a website that is not finished.

This is how it works!

Initial Consultation - Phase 0

It all starts with a call and analysis of business requirements. We will discuss and estimate size, complexity, and cost; either in person or via email, phone, or online meeting.

Web Development - Phase 2

Once the web design has been reviewed and approved (this may need several revisions), the designs are developed to perform the functions needed. These can include page navigation, element transitions, database connections, dynamic processing, and more.

Testing - Phase 3

At the end of phase 2 for every iteration, we will conduct a stress testing process that ensures the web design is compatible with all browsers, mobile devices, and operating systems. The testing phase also includes debugging of all errors found and UI/UX inconsistencies.

Delivery - Phase 5

At the end of the project or the end of every iteration for large projects, a payment will be required before the design is migrated to a live domain and server. These screens will be considered "finalized." Any changes to these pages can be taken care of during an enhancement phase.

Mock Designs - Phase 1

Once we have agreed, we will collect an initial retainer payment (50% of total work or 33% for Specialty and Enterprise Designs. This step kicks off the initial design mock ups that will demonstrate the web design proposed look & feel.

Process Iteration - Phase 1-2

Large projects such as Specialty and Enterprise web designs and business solutions are too large to develop in one phase. If the project is large enough, it will be divided in iterations of web design and web development targeting a few screens at a time. At some point, payment will be required during these iterations.

Content Copywrite - Phase 4

Once the website or business solution is working as expected, the content is written to ensure the information is correct. The content will be submitted by the client.

Enhancements - Phase 6

This phase is not always needed; however, there are times when a client would like to re-design a page or set of pages that have already been finalized. The enhancement phase facilitates further improvement to the site.

Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance

Browsers and technologies in your website upgrade very frequently. Some upgrades do not affect your website and some will. We have very affordable maintenance plans in place specifically for this purpose. We will continue to make sure your website and business solution are running like the day we built them.

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