How Much Will It Cost?

Before moving on, it is worth to mention that every website is completely different from the next. In order to create a flat rate cost, we should assume that every website within that flat rate will be exactly identical and require the same amount of time and effort to build. This is called "cookie-cutter" or "template". Although this is a possibility, we do not deal in template-driven designs. We might start with a template to generate the initial layouts and then we reverse-engineer it to allow more flexibility that fits each individual client.

Every price you see below is an estimated number based on averages from our previous clients. Your website will most likely differ from this number but having a budget in this numbers will give you the best starting point.

The Main Website Packages

What About Design?

The look and feel of the website, a.k.a "the design", is a relative concept. A good design is only good to those who like it. This changes from person to person. We can't promise something that can't be measured. But we have ways to get as close as possible to what someone might consider a good design to be.

But how do we determine this? By following User Experience rules and concepts that are based on scientific and psychological studies and tests to determine what users are most likely to be attracted to and understand in the online space. This is an easier goal to reach than expecting to please everyone that visits your website.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to receive a fair treatment and quality service. We don't believe that you should be given a few mockups and feel obligated to choose one. We will gather as much information from you that will help us design your website accurately. However, we may get a few things wrong and need further instruction and feedback. That is totally fine and you deserve to get exactly what you paid for. We will re-design it as many times as needed before it is final and delivered to ensure you are 100% satified. The cost of designing and the iterations will not affect the quote agreed upon. Only functionality or project growth can alter the final quote.

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