No News Is Good News

Contrary to widespread belief, websites are not self-sustained. Much like any other technology, they need to be updated. Code becomes obsolete, browsers are constantly updating, search engines are a moving target, coding languages are releasing new versions, and the list goes on. Not to mention, your website can become a victim of a security breach and used for spamming, phishing, illegal online activity re-routing, and more severe issues that no one would like to deal with. By choosing one of our web maintenance packages (after your website is designed and live), you can enjoy some peace of mind. As the heading above states, “No News is Good News.” This is the kind of service you pay to avoid dealing with your site problems. And quite frankly, you couldn’t hire an employee to do this work for $60 - $170 a month! We know…, we are cheap, aren’t we?

Our Maintenance Packages